New Business Introductions


"Meg and Doug Bond at New Business Introductions are amazing. They've opened locked doors for us with prospective clients, and were instrumental in facilitating meetings with key decision makers."
–Carolyn Goodman
President / Managing Partner
Goodman Marketing Partners

"Meg and Doug brought much-needed discipline and significant leads to our new-business efforts. Prospective clients told us how much they appreciated their understated, yet effective approach; they literally became part of our agency. And, most importantly, they brought us our largest account worth over $2 million in income!"
–Al Moffatt,
President / CEO
Worldwide Partners, Inc.
(Principal, Moffatt/Rosenthal)

"I had a great experience with New Business Introductions. I was a little skeptical about having an outside company serve as the first impression with a prospective client, but Doug quickly grasped what Eleven was about and did an excellent job representing us. He has some pretty ingenious techniques for getting past roadblocks, and when we met with prospects they always had positive things to say about him."
–Jordan Warren
Eleven, Inc.
San Francisco

"During the two years New Business Introductions helped our firm build our practice, they were consistently responsive, kept us doing our part, and helped us develop real sales with clients who remain an ongoing part of our business today. We didn't have the budget for a full-time rainmaker on staff so their business model enabled us to get the same quality of work on a part-time basis. They approached every prospect with our low-key style and delivered the same selling points we covered in meetings, so the sales cycle was seamless for the prospects. Clients who signed with us were never aware the original approach hadn't been by someone in-house."
–Susan Lyon
Lyon & Associates
San Diego

"Meg Bond was able to establish meaningful contact and set up introductory meetings with decision makers at companies that we had proven unable to penetrate. Working with New Business Introductions will put you in the room with the companies that you want to do business with."
–Matthew Bowler
The Mandala Agency

"The Bonds helped our team at FCB-Direct by scheduling meetings with Fortune 500 Companies throughout the U.S. During the three year period they worked for our division, we were successful in meeting with many top level decision makers. Meg and Doug do cold calls that don't seem like cold calls! When our meetings took place they were warmed up, pre-qualified, and ready to know us better."
–Robin Raff
former VP Director Client Services

"At Fusion DM, (now Publicis/Dialogue) Meg and Doug Bond were able to open doors that were previously shut. Their calls brought warmth to the process, which can't be underestimated in a business that involves developing relationships. New Business Introductions offered us some of our most coveted opportunities."
–Shari Weelborg
former Director, Business Development
Fusion DM (Publicis/Dialogue)